A Look Inside HerbMentor

Video Library

Hundreds of videos including skills demonstrations, plant studies, herb walks, remedies, recipes and lots more. Make nettle lasagna, brew elderberry wine or dandelion flower soda, an in depth study on cattails and wild foods, a sea weed walk with Ryan Drum, make herbal lotions, make elderflower champagne…just a few examples. All videos are streaming, downloadable, and play on any mobile device.

Home Study Guide

This is the “glue” that holds HerbMentor together. Though optional, this guides you through all the essential features of HerbMentor, such as journaling the Featured Herb, listening to HerbMentor Radio, taking the weekly quiz, and working on skills videos. For those who want to use HerbMentor as a home study experience, the Home Study Guide is your central organizational system for learning.

Featured Herb

Every herbalist you ever study with will tell you the best way to learn about herbs is by studying them one at a time. To try to learn as much about one herb as you can, by making recipes, remedies, harvesting, and researching that plant. Every two months, we feature a new herb on HerbMentor. You can either study the current herb with the community or choose one of the dozens of amazing herbs we have studied in the past years. We guide you as to the best herbs to study different times of year.


HerbMentor features several mini courses in video and mp3 audio format. Herbal Basics covers making 18 basic home remedies from bath salts to lip balm, and vinegars to making your own first aid kit. Learning Your Plants helps you learn all the plants in YOUR ecosystem. Susun Weed’s Seven Rivers of Healing gives you a foundation of how to use herbs in healing. The Village Herbalist, Think Like an Herbalist, and Planting the Cure cover over 50 hours of detailed audio instruction with transcripts. From creating an herbal apothecary and learning how to use it…to planting a garden for growing your own remedies, it’s all here for the budding herbalist.

HerbMentor Radio

John has consistently interviewed one herbalist a month for all the years HerbMentor has been “on the air.” Each interview is at least an hour long, and goes deep into the herbalist’s story, as well as asking them to teach us some of their favorite topics. John often asks members for questions ahead of time so you can get questions answered by the experts. Past guests included Stephen Buhner, Rosemary Gladstar, Susun Weed, Amanda McQuade Crawford, Brigitte Mars, Paul Bergner, Christopher Hobbs, Aviva Romm, Lesley Tierra, David Hoffmann, Roy Upton, K.P. Khalsa, Phyllis Light, Richo Cech, Kiva Rose, Ryan Drum and lots more.

Weekly Quiz & Puzzles

The cool thing about HerbMentor is that it teaches in many different ways…courses, interviews, videos, and so on. Weekly quizzes and puzzles get you thinking outside the box and using your brain in different ways. Quizzes inspire you to check out recent articles added to the site for answers. Answers are posted the next week, and at this point there are over 200 quizzes for you to take. We also post crossword puzzles, word searches and more.

Herbalpedia & Reference Shelf

HerbMentor is committed to our ever growing digital reference shelf. Over 250 Herbalpedia entries cover many commonly used herbs in great detail. Anatomy & Physiology covers all the major body system in a simple way for the home herbalist. We also keep a current web resources list with important links to databases, herb schools, conferences, and more. Also, “Featured Blogs” brings the best of the herbal web to you. If there is a 100% awesome herbal blog that we know members will love, the posts are coming in daily our special herbal blogs feed.

Herbal Glossary

From Adaptogen to Vulnerary, Herbal Glossary makes the complex world of herbal terms simple and fun to learn. Each video includes an energetic understanding of the term, the reasons why we would want to use a category of herbs, a listing of commonly used herbs, and beautiful photography to illustrate the herbs. The goal of this series is both to simply describe these terms while also deepening our understanding of how herbs work.


Wild Foods Ninja: 40 Recipes Using 8 Amazing Herbs, Herbal Gifts, and Herbal Remedies for the Cold & Flu Season are some of our exclusive eBook titles. The Healing Herbs eBook brings the free wall chart we send you for joining alive by giving you a remedy or recipe to make with each plant on the chart. These eBooks are more or less “mini herbal courses” of their own, as you’ll grow your skills and knowledge of plants with every eBook you work on.

Herb Walks

A major part of our video library is our herb walks. Kiva Rose, jim mcdonald, Ryan Drum, 7Song, Cascade Anderson Geller, Robin DiPasquale, and Sharol Tilgner are some of the featured, expert herbalists that show you the plant worlds of different ecosystems through their eyes. We are always featuring new plant walk videos so you can learn about plants from as many mentors as possible.

Herbal Columns

One of the many unique aspects of HerbMentor is how it brings the herbal community together. We feature exclusive monthly columns from a variety of herbal publications, blogs, and video sites. Contributors include the Essential Herbal Magazine, Kiva Rose’s Plant Healer Magazine, Herbal Roots Zine children’s activities, Eat The Weeds videos, Herb TV, Mountain Rose Herbs, Susun Weed, as well as homestead skills from SongCroft.


That sure is a lot of information. The good news is that when you log on the first time, you can watch our “New Member Guide” video that shows you to take HerbMentor in stride, to get out of it what YOU want to learn. When you walk into a public library, you check out one book at a time or maybe you take a class there. It’s there for you when you are inspired to learn. HerbMentor is no different. Our “welcome” video will show you how to use HerbMentor so you learn a ton, but never feel overwhelmed.

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