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This site is an “healthy” addiction. It’s like getting a college-level education in Personal Wellness.

J. ZettervallPrinceton, MN

I may not be able to study as in depth as I’d like to at this time, but having herb mentor as my home page makes it easy to spend a few minutes picking out the things I’m interested in coming back to. It’s a wonderful site and a great supportive community for us newbies!

M. StadalskiEvans Mills, NY

I have been interested in medicinal herbs for many years but never really felt comfortable doing anything with it. Since I found HerbMentor, I have begun making my own herbal remedies for use with family and friends. The videos and articles are so informative. The community forum has given me the opportunity to “talk” to other aspiring herbalists and some real experts. There are new things occurring here all the time and everyone is full of useful information. I actually check in everyday. I love it here and am so glad that I found it.

C. SobczakWestbury, NY

I have been interested in and studied herbs for years. I have learned a great amount from this site. The Gallagher family are your everyday people who want to share what they have learned. Love the videos and audio interviews. Everyday I learn something new when I login!

B. LaQuayEast Palestine, OH

I absolutely love this site. I am a visual learner, so until I watched how to do things on this site I was a bit lost. I especially love the Herbalpedia entries we get to view. I LOVE the interviews. Also, there is nothing more entertaining than Johns home made videos. This site gives me motivation to extend my learning and I learn new stuff each month. Thank you guys for it all.

K. KruczkoSinking Spring, PA

I cannot remember the exact date (I think over two years ago) I started on line with LearningHerbs.com. But, I have enjoyed each and every time I logged on to this site. My husband and I have been inspired to make our own tinctures and try many new herbs and plants. What a testimony the Gallagher family are to others who want to have healthier lives by using what already grows in our fields, woods, and yards for food and medicine. Thanks to them for stepping out and providing this web site and HerbMentor lessons.

N. BlackwellAiken, South Carolina

This is the one site I could not get along without. I have learned more from this site than any other. I gained confidence to try new things. I remember the first “project” I did was the Dandelion jelly. Since then i have tried almost everything else. I love the way the material is explained to us, in a way that is so clear and precise that I know I CAN DO IT. My latest favorite is the Rose hip conserve.

And what means so much to me, is the fact that whole new worlds are opening for me. I can use any of the links and meet new interesting herbalists. To me this is the starting point and even though I intend to expand my horizons, this will always be home base for me. I have so much admiration for the whole Gallagher family. I am probably the oldest student John has had. 70 years old. But very very happy to be here.

E. LalwaniCrown Point, Indiana

I love this website! I have dabbled in herbs off and on, but nothing ever really stuck with me because it all seemed so overwhelming and I didn’t know what to do with any of the information I was reading. Here, it’s all given in actual recipes and projects that I can start using right now! It brings it all together for me so that it all makes sense. I now have some favorite recipes that I use every day (the gamasio, for one – Yum!).

I have learned to make tinctures and vinegars, something I didn’t think I would ever be doing! I love the videos as that helps me identify the plants in question better than just a picture in a book. I have really enjoyed the talks from the different herbalists. I also love reading the forums – there are so many wise people out there to learn from. I honestly can’t say enough good things about HerbMentor!

C. CaturiaOlympia, Washington

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I love this website. I’ve learned a lot learning about one herb a month. I’m in the process of going through an herbal home study course but if I had known about this site before I bought the course, I wouldn’t have spent the money on the home study course. With the video’s and radio interviews it’s like having an herb mentor in my living room each day! (Especially the Village Herbalist interviews. That’s like an herbal home study course in itself.)

I’ve learned to identify so many different herbs in the wild that I wouldn’t have learned just studying what the medicinal effects of each herb is. Also I like the fact that we learn how to use the herbs as food and not just medicine. I love the wild-foods recipes too!

I can ask questions and get answers within a day, even if the questions are “dumb”. I’m able to post pictures of plants in my yard that I can’t identify and get help from others to find out what they are.

You won’t be sorry for signing up on HerbMentor, it’s money and time well spent! Thanks John and Kimberly for giving of your time and knowledge to teach others!

K. HayesWiggins, Mississippi

I was searching the web, looking for a home study course in Herbal Meds. and found Learning Herbs, I am greatly impressed, now comes HerbMentor which has really opened my eyes, did not know there was so much to know and the ease of learning one step at a time, when I have time and interest.

HerbMentor has really filled the bill and worth every minute I spend here. Normal Television programing has taken a back seat. Love all the thought and planning that has been put into this.

Many thanks to John, Kimberly, Rosalee and their host of helpers.

J. MorganFord, Washington

This has been the best site I have come across. I wanted to learn as much as I could about natural health and healing but I found myself becoming discouraged. There was just too much information and no idea how to put it all together or where to start. John and Kimberly helped me begin and continue to learn one step at a time. Their site is full of information and they are always there to help.

S. SmithCold Lake, Alberta

I wish this website would have been here back when I started. Where else are you gonna possibly get this kind of education and practical experience? This is awesome!

S. FortinBenton, Mississippi

I am so impressed with HerbMentor. Valuable support. Amazing insight. The Gallagher family never ceases to amaze me with what they provide us. The sense of community is precious.

K. Roder Jackson, Wyoming

The Gallagher family has truly been a blessing in my life. The information they share and their passion for learning and teaching is unparalleled. Being able to learn at my own pace, and having so many different avenues to do so is fantastic. Having a community of people to share and grow with is something I never thought I would get to experience. I know it will only get better with time.

They charge a ridiculously low price for the vast amount of information available. You can’t beat that!

E. MichaelsLondon, United Kingdom

I absolutely LOVE this site and the way its presented. John offers so much at a great price. This is a must do if you are interested in herbs.

John also came from a wonderful background in the “Kamana” naturalist training and I can testify that that is an awesome course that he helped design. The people here are wonderful and the guest speakers…well..only the best.

You can’t go wrong by joining this!

S. AndersonKokomo, Indiana

I have been enjoying HerbMentor. You can learn so much and the learning never ends is informative, interesting fun, creative the list goes on. I have been learning from the Gallagher family for a while now and hope to do so for a long time. The price is unbelievable and you will certainly get more than your money’s worth of information lessons, practical experience.

P. CaoupeNepean, Ontario

Try HerbMentor for $1

If you chose our monthly plan, you can try HerbMentor for 7 days for $1. No risk. Satisfaction guaranteed.

If you live in areas that do not have a lot of workshops and herbal teachings, like I do, this is even better! You have teachings from all around the country at your fingertips and at your own leisure. This is absolutely awesome!

F. StauffGlenburn, Maine

I’ve always loved herbs and gardening, but never felt confident enough to actually apply all they have to offer in our lives. HerbMentor has opened the door to a new world for me. I now have community that has a no cap on learning…it’s endless. Thank you Kimberly, John, Rosalee and all the wonderful people who have encouraged me on my adventure into nature.

J. BehrensEau Claire, Wisconsin

We have been trying to learn about herbs throubooks and searching the Internet. One day we came across LearningHerbs.com and we were so impressed. We finally had a way to learn in ways we could understand. The site kept getting better and better. Then John introduced HerbMentor and we have learned so much. I now have this set as my home page. We do not have access to much locally so this site was just what we were looking for. Everything is awesome!! I think one of the best ways you can teach is to live what you teach and the Gallagher family does this. The forums are also a great way to learn and feel connected.

D. SteppWaco, Texas

The Herb Mentor site is incredibly thorough and well-organized. The information is easily accessed through a variety of mediums – audio, video and pdf. John and Kimberly are generous with their knowledge and present the information in an easy-to-understand format. The speakers are top-quality and add variety and spice to an already stellar site. If you are even mildly interested in learning more about plants and the ethnobotanical world, I recommend this site to you. You will have at your fingertips hundreds of years’ worth of knowledge. See you in the forum!

J. TennisNaselle, Washington

I found LearningHerbs a couple years ago when my daughter wanted to learn more about herbs. This refueled my desire to learn more about them as well! Then along came HerbMentor and the added boost to become serious about my relationship with herbs! I feel as though I have tapped into a vein of riches! If you are seeking to learn, to share, become more confident about taking charge of your health and the health of your loved ones and peace of mind…you’ve come to the right place!

C. HommelGlen Burnie, Maryland

I found LearningHerbs.com whilst I was searching the Internet for a distance course in the UK. Here I could buy a kit containing video lessons on making a salve, a tincture and an infusion with FREE courses, like Supermarket Herbalism using products I already had in my home – an opportunity too good to miss. The kit was great fun to do and I could share my herbal remedies with my family – I was hooked! HerbMentor is an amazing resource. John and his guest speakers are inspirational, the community forum gives you the chance to share and gain help from others, you can study the free courses; there are so many opportunities to learn.

Although the species and arrival of some herbs and plants in the UK differ from the US I am learning so much … and even when I only get the chance to drop in once a week it is worth every penny. If you want to learn more about the benefits of living with plants and herbs this is for you – a really big thank you to John and his family for sharing their knowledge and way of life.

K. RelfBeulah, United Kingdom

I only used the herb teas that I could find in the super market. Then I found LearningHerbs.com and am slowly [one herb at a time] learning to put herbs in our diet one at a time. Then I got the Herbal Medicine Making Kit and learned to make a salve, tincture and a infusion. I love HerbMentor because you have the forums, where you can leave a question and get a answer. I also like the fact that you can learn at your own pace and in your own home. So get a mug of your favorite herbal tea, warm up your mouse clicking finger and join us at HerbMentor. Hope to see you there.

B. RaznoffBath, New York

This site has brought me into new experiences and education that I was looking for so badly. I have always been very interested in herbs/weeds and all the plant life around me but wasn’t sure how to make the connection to interact with the plants. John and his family and all the resources in this site have given me that and so much more. I am completely addicted and hope to some day give to others what HerbMentor has given me. A deep-rooted connection with mother nature.

A. PrinceTraverse City, Michigan

Try HerbMentor for $1

If you chose our monthly plan, you can try HerbMentor for 7 days for $1. No risk. Satisfaction guaranteed.

It’s impossible to separate the benefits of the online community experience from the wealth of herbal information provided by HerbMentor. The generosity of spirit shown by all of those who participate in this cyber-village is up-lifting and nurturing in a world too often focused on dis-ease of one sort or another. All of the Mentors on this site, from professional to layman have given of themselves to take learning how to treasure the gifts the herbs have for us and use them wisely from intimidating to empowering. For all of you aspiring Herbies like me who have felt like the only Dandelion on a putting green, welcome to the garden. This is the place for you.

S. KelleyCarnation, Washington

This site is a blessing. I’ve paid for expensive correspondence courses and attended Herbal Conferences, but this site has provided many more benefits to me and is an on-going learning tool I look forward to every day. Thank you to the Gallagher family and to the generous community with so many helpful insights.

M. OlmosStaten Island, New York

If you want to be able to find a way to make you and your family healthy and to stay healthy without resorting to pharmaceuticals, this is the place to be. I’ve viewed many websites – none of which provide the variety of information this one does. You are able to access well-researched information and to ask for and receive assistance from the members. This site has grown so much since it’s inception and will, I am positive, continue to grow with more members, more experiences, more sharing.

B. MorrowHolts Summit, Montana

The resources of information and people alone are worth so much! But the best part is, we are all friends here and all here for the same purpose, to live nourished lives!

A. TownsendEdmond, Oklahoma

HerbMentor is the first thing I look at when I log on to the internet these days (I’ve made it my Home Page.) There is an incredible amount of information here–always something new to learn, to listen to, to see, to experience, to experiment with. It’s the best resource I have found to supplement the herbal correspondence course I am enrolled in. I highly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in herbs at any level.

C. SimonReading, Pennsylvania

HerbMentor goes beyond books & pre-packed kits by providing an intuitive environment where herbal enthusiasts & aspiring herbalists alike are immersed in all things HERBS! There is something for every learning style (i.e. Auditory, Kinesthetic, Visual, and Tactile); video lessons, assignment programs, active message boards & regular webcasts by renowned herbalists to name a few!

The Gallagher’s go all out in this resource rich virtual community/school. There is nothing like this anywhere else!!

I luv it here & it truly feels like a second home with so many like-minded people & friends (It’s my home page too!!)

P.S. Worth every penny!!

E. SinghHumble, Texas

There is something for everyone here however you learn and however much you want to learn, whether you are like me and want to look after your self and those around you without killing anyone, or if you want to open a business.

As an American run site sometimes things may be unavailable to us in the UK, but this has been rare and I have still learned valuable lessons, this is also a good time to look at the other parts of the site, the interviews, the talks, the recipes and so much more.

I have not regretted a single penny that I have spent on membership to this site.

H. IrelandCheshire, United Kingdom

There is not many things more important in our lives than the need to hold on to the importance of not only getting our hands on organic heirloom seeds (seeds that will produce a fruit/flower that will reseed and produce a new plant, but then to know the herbs/foods properties and how to use them once they are purchased, grown or collected.

There are so many plants that it is impossible to memorize and know all of them. That is why this resource at your fingertips is so valuable. If I need identification the website will lead you to the answers. They offer “Herbalpedia” which is a great CD that I highly recommend as well and they have a community page to ask our peers questions also. The site, with articles, videos and audios will help lead you with easy directions to making your teas, infusions, extractions, salves etc.

These herbs were created for our food and medicine and the knowledge and understanding of them is a matter of life and death, literally. We can choose to spend money on (organic) herbs or chemicals. Choose herbs! Thank you all!

N. GrayRudy, Arkansas

Try HerbMentor for $1

If you chose our monthly plan, you can try HerbMentor for 7 days for $1. No risk. Satisfaction guaranteed.

HerbMentor is THE place for herbal learning! The Gallagher’s have done an excellent job putting it together and are constantly adding more information. All styles of learning are covered and available, so jump in and enjoy an ebook, video, or mp3. I am glad to be a part of the HerbMentor community and only wish it had been around when I started my herb studies.

R. DanielsRochester, Illinois

Like everyone else here, I have learned so much from the fine people that run this site AND by the members in the forum. It is one thing to read stuff in books, but to have Videos of the herbs, how to harvest them, what to look for to identify them.. etc.. And then to be able to apply what you learned… Amazing…. I find this site and community a very worthwhile investment.

J. DiBellaLevittown, New York

I love this web site too. I don’t have as much time as I’d like to learn about edible and medicinal herbs, but even with limited time, I’ve learned a lot here. The “recipes” are clearly explained and easy enough for a cooking-impaired person like I am. I have benefited so much from this site, and I’ve been able to help both myself and my family and friends. An added bonus: the people are great! I’m on a tight budget, and I’ve found this investment a worthwhile necessity.

S. FastowBrooklyn, New York

I use this site as a resource for growth in an area of my life that I don’t have is much time for at this moment as I’d like but that is nonetheless very important to me! I find this organization to be a deep well of resources and learning possibilities that always gets me fired up to learn! And that also nearly always contains the answer (in part or whole) to my herbal inquiries – invaluable!

C. BrantLakefield, Ontario

This site is outstanding!! To have the herbal world at my fingers. The herbs and uses, both food and medicine that a person learns from here with John and Kimberly’s videos, articles, and techniques As well as, interviews with very recognized expert herbalists is a complete herbal learning school “One Herb At A Time.” This is a great herbal community we all have the privilege to share and I consider the other members to be good friends. We talk to each other and share info on a first name basis, pretty cool. I think the investment here is an incredibly inexpensive herbal school with experts from around the globe teaching.

M. AllenTroutdale, Oregon

You don’t need to look any further HerbMentor is the only site that has everything you will need to learn about herbs. This site is user friendly. The information is outstanding and the community of people here are outstanding as well.

S. SausedaVictoria, Texas

Love your site. I have been interested in learning about herbs and especially local herbs for years. I like the fact that you are doing learning herbs 101 there is so much to learn. Thank You for creating this website.

P. LahtiSault Ste Marie, Mississippi

I have to say I truly love this site! You have lots of educational material; as well as a communication area where we all can connect and share information; as well as where able to ask questions, and receive answers from every walk of life & experience levels. I feel on a equal level with everyone here and I feel I will always have great friends here. Thank you for making such a great site.

G. KingsleyNorth Syracuse, New York

I love this site! So much information and help at my fingertips. Worth every penny. The nice thing is that you can ask for advice or help and no one puts you down for not knowing. Everyone is willing to share their experiences, their preferences, their uses and they are willing to listen to you.

It is important to me to find a place where I wasn’t talked down to. Or that their way was the ONLY way. Well, HerbMentor is the place.

Thanks to John and Kimberly and everyone else who helps at this site, we have a safe and learning place to come to for all our herb needs.

M. HoweMonroe, Washington

This site is fabulous! I have been a member less than a day and already I am chatting with and getting help from people all over the world. Some of the ideas i was already implementing myself in a fashion, but this has given me a way to make those ideas work. I can’t wait for tomorrow to come back! Thanks John and Kimberly for your patience and dedication to producing such an amazing resource.

M. MilburnMorpeth, United Kingdom

Like those before me I too have to say thanks John and Kimberly for such a wonderful place to come home to. I have spent the last couple of years reading herb books and trying half heartily to find a herbal class that wasn’t so expensive. But alas I couldn’t… I found HerbMentor, and it has become an addiction to me cause there is so much to see and learn on here. I love the forums where everyone is so helpful. I also love the videos that walk me through each step of something new. Thank you again.

B. WalkerMagnolia, Texas

Try HerbMentor for $1

If you chose our monthly plan, you can try HerbMentor for 7 days for $1. No risk. Satisfaction guaranteed.