What’s Brewing

We asked HerbMentor members to send us some photos of what was brewing on their kitchen counters. The response was overwhelming.

Here is a sample of the photos we received. Many of the creations in the photos were inspired by lessons on HerbMentor…

As you see in the many photos above, HerbMentor empowers you to make your OWN remedies, so you do not having to rely on purchasing finished products.

Making your own remedies requires not only the knowledge of making that remedy, but also about the plants, what you’d use it for, and so on.

You can learn about herbs by…

  • Making remedies
  • Working with plants, such as gardening, harvesting, crafts and more
  • Having a health issue that you need to address
  • Via the many great herbal resources, such as books and the web
  • Sharing information with others

It’s “holographic” learning, meaning that you are learning about herbs through these many different prisms all at the same time.

All these prisms work together over time to create the spectrum of your personal herbal wisdom. The photos above reflect the wisdom have gained on HerbMentor and from many other courses and resources.

We hope you’ll join us on HerbMentor!

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